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Ibo van de Poel

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor Ethics and Technology
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Building 31
Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX Delft

P: +31 15 27 83887

P: +31 15 27 83720

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Overall mission of the section

The overall mission of the Ethics/Philosophy of Technology section is to contribute to the professional and academic education of future engineers and to conduct research into philosophical, in particular ethical, problems related to modern technology and its impact on society.

Teaching mission

The mission in the field of teaching is accomplished by providing service teaching on fundamental and normative issues for (in principle) all engineering programs at the University of Technology Delft. The main topics of these courses are ethics and engineering, philosophy and methodology of science and technology, and argumentation and critical thinking. The Philosophy section has specifically been entrusted the task of developing and teaching required courses in ethics and engineering in all the university’s engineering programs by the board of directors of the university. To read more about our education efforts, see the Education page.

Research mission

Our research mission is to contribute to the overall aim of technology to improve the quality of human life through the philosophical and normative examination of modern technology in its social context, from a perspective focused on the design, development and implementation of technical artefacts, systems and infrastructures by engineers. To read more about our research efforts, see the Research page.



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